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Farewell to MH

Our entire eventing community is saddened to hear about the tragic death of MH and her husband Steve on Sept 28, 2014.  MH was a long-standing and dear friend to many of us.  We all have great memories of her contributions to our sport, her passion for teaching, her commitment personal development and her never-ending efforts in establishing, running and evolving a fabulous boarding, training and competition facility, where she and Steve built their family home.  Coach, judge, official, organizer and volunteer – MH covered all the bases and put more into the sport than just about anyone I have known.

Eventing Canada{!} is proud to say MH has been a long standing supporter of our organisation and she is shown here at one of our “Ride 4 Riders” clinics doing what MH loved.  Those of us fortunate to have been taught by MH have the greatest respect for her ability to develop horses and inspire riders from grass roots up.

Personally, I first met MH when we boarded together at Limerick back in the days when she was campaigning two event horses and living with Steve and their dog Fritz at Bayview & Elgin Mills.  She told me stories of how she used to practise bandaging on the family dog when she was growing up.  Back then, I remember Steve being very supportive of MH’s passions.  It was a crazy idea for two full time teachers to move out to the sticks and live on a farm.  But once they got started, with virtually a blank canvas, it was clear they would achieve great things together.

Usually when you say something seems like a lifetime ago, you don’t mean it literally, yet we find ourselves here today, wondering how to deal with this very sad news.

Our thoughts are with their sons, Sebastian and Derek, and only hope they find some comfort in knowing what truly great people their parents were and how many hearts they touched along the way.

Thanks MH – it’s been a honour to know you and your family.

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