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2013 Heather Wellman Bursary

March 9,2014

Dear Eventing Canada,

I would like to thank you for all of the amazing experiences you have made possible for me ! Without the Heather Wellman bursary I wouldn't have been able to attend the Blyth Tait clinic or the Pat Burgess clinic.

At both of these clinics I learnt so much and I took away tons of knowledge that helped me in the 2013 eventing season and will continue to help me in many eventing seasons to come! You gave me the ability to compete in two horse trials that without the bursary I wouldn't have been able to attend.

The bursary allowed me to compete at the Grandview Horse Trials this was our final show of the season. With all the opportunities you gave me and my mount we put in one of what I thought was one of my best dressage test, Although after finding out that the judges did not agree with what I thought was a pretty darn good test (don't ya hate when that
happens) put a little bit of dimmer on the day until we were tacked and ready for stadium and I was determined that we were going to do the best course ever! Anndddd did we ever! Excitement was in the air even though it was raining and I was just about soaked through and through we proceeded to put in a clear cross country !! Yay !

At this point no matter where we placed that day had been a success! I had never looked forward to checking the score sheets so much. Walking with quit the pep in my step I approached the score sheets and only stadium and dressage had been posted mad we were 8th. Yess !We were in the ribbons, it had been a while! Then my coach reminded me Cross country can change a lot and having a clear round means it can only get better!

Oh did it ever 6th! One of the best days in a long time 6th doesn't seem like much but me and my mare worked so hard to get to where we are and I don't believe that we would be where we are without your help. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunities you have provided me with!




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